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Sometimes I feel like I'd rather write RP applications for characters than actually play them.

But I did get Yamame in, and I did register a journal for her, and I did collect some fanart of her to make into icons, and I have at least two friends wanting to play... I'll find time or something. Not tonight because I got about four hours of sleep last night and feel kinda shitty.

I was supposed to have a job interview tonight, but the company decided at the last possible second that they made some changes and don't need the position I was applying for after all. That... kind of stings.

Threw a tantrum this evening, and then this whole shading and coloring thing kind of started to click, FINALLY! I drew May from Pokemon, and so far all the crit I've gotten has been that her eyes are sized strangely and her cheekbones need to be higher. If you want to give more crit, go ahead! I can take it!

Why May? Because last night while taking a break from GLINDA's Platinum Hard Mode, I downloaded a ROM of Sapphire and let someone in a chatroom talk me into playing as Brendan. OH MY GOD. I hated May in the TV series, and I hated playing the Hoenn games as May, but NPC May is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.
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