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So for Spring Break this year I couldn't go back to Houston because the family was out of town to visit colleges with my brother.

Instead, I decided to clean my room, reorganize the furniture, and get a wardrobe makeover.

While I was pushing furniture around, I found that my bed's mattress was... well, it was five and a half years old. It was getting old and sagging under its own weight. So I got a new bed.

Then on Wednesday since my room was clean, I went to the museum. Dallas's Museum of Science is pretty meh, but I enjoyed the shark exhibit. I thought about going to the IMAX movies, and those probably would have been a better waste of my money TBH because they had two "prehistoric creatures" flicks and one about sharks. I totally didn't realize it was "Pi Day" until the schoolchildren descended upon the place.

On the way home (I took the train for grins), a total stranger tried to chat me up and then gave me his number, which is what inspired me to redo my wardrobe because I was wearing my Chuck Norris shirt and who the heck hits on a girl in a Chuck Norris shirt? (NOTE: Google Chrome's spellchecker does not object to Chuck Norris.)

So I took a bunch of online "what is your body type/ideal style" quizzes, figured out what the hell I'm supposed to be wearing for my figure, donated a bunch of stuff I don't wear anyway to Goodwill, and went shopping. I got some long tops, a skirt, and some skinny pants at Half Of Half, and some short dresses, canvas sneakers in black and white, belt (one of my dresses has a low waist and the seam going across my butt looks kind of bad), purse, and makeup bags at Ross. Maybe this weekend between cramming essays I can sort out my jewelry collection and start coordinating accessories.

Anyway, now I am wearing a short dress, skinny pants and sneakers, I have probably spent more staying here than I would have if I'd gone to Houston for Spring Break (admittedly mostly on the new bed), and I feel like my spirit Pokemon is a little closer to evolving. Now if only I could get the next GLINDA update to not suck and get my homework done and get someone to take my picture so I could show you guys...


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