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So for Spring Break this year I couldn't go back to Houston because the family was out of town to visit colleges with my brother.

Instead, I decided to clean my room, reorganize the furniture, and get a wardrobe makeover.

While I was pushing furniture around, I found that my bed's mattress was... well, it was five and a half years old. It was getting old and sagging under its own weight. So I got a new bed.

Then on Wednesday since my room was clean, I went to the museum. Dallas's Museum of Science is pretty meh, but I enjoyed the shark exhibit. I thought about going to the IMAX movies, and those probably would have been a better waste of my money TBH because they had two "prehistoric creatures" flicks and one about sharks. I totally didn't realize it was "Pi Day" until the schoolchildren descended upon the place.

On the way home (I took the train for grins), a total stranger tried to chat me up and then gave me his number, which is what inspired me to redo my wardrobe because I was wearing my Chuck Norris shirt and who the heck hits on a girl in a Chuck Norris shirt? (NOTE: Google Chrome's spellchecker does not object to Chuck Norris.)

So I took a bunch of online "what is your body type/ideal style" quizzes, figured out what the hell I'm supposed to be wearing for my figure, donated a bunch of stuff I don't wear anyway to Goodwill, and went shopping. I got some long tops, a skirt, and some skinny pants at Half Of Half, and some short dresses, canvas sneakers in black and white, belt (one of my dresses has a low waist and the seam going across my butt looks kind of bad), purse, and makeup bags at Ross. Maybe this weekend between cramming essays I can sort out my jewelry collection and start coordinating accessories.

Anyway, now I am wearing a short dress, skinny pants and sneakers, I have probably spent more staying here than I would have if I'd gone to Houston for Spring Break (admittedly mostly on the new bed), and I feel like my spirit Pokemon is a little closer to evolving. Now if only I could get the next GLINDA update to not suck and get my homework done and get someone to take my picture so I could show you guys...
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(I need to get myself a new Legend of Zelda icon... preferably of the Link/Ralph deliciousness variety...)


Someone needs to put Ralph from the Oracle games and Demon Lord Girlypants (I'm never going to get his name right) from Skyward Sword in the same room for a flamboyance deathmatch.



ETA because I remembered he exists: Vaati can come, too.


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