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Day 6: 1063 words, and I'm gonna have to chew over the next part of this rewrite (Castelia City and the theft of Bianca's Munna), since I'd already totally rewritten Our Hero's first encounter with Ghetsis and consequently his reasons for thinking he can just ask for it back.

And I'm still chickening out of that one sex scene I was wanting to do a few days ago. Dammit!
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Day 5: Yeah, I'm not getting anything done today fic-wise.
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Day 4: 1300 words. Goal met with room to spare.

In which our hero catches a Venipede. Awkwardly. And has a mildly angsty chat with Cheren. And I chicken out of a sex scene (what's the point of writing dirty fanfiction if I'm just going to chicken out of the sex scenes?!). And I've started a little on the next but I know where that's going so it's a decent stopping point for tonight.

- - -

The guy who asked me out last night... I probably overreacted. So I'm going to contact him a few times over the coming weeks to be polite and friendly and let him know that I'm not really looking for romance but I appreciated the conversation.

In the meantime, I'm going to look for a D&D group to join because I really need IRL friends before my faith in humanity atrophies and I turn into Cyrus and try to destroy the universe because people scare me.
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Day 3: 850 words and then a guy at the coffee bar asked me about myself and I freaked the fuck out and could not write any more. Goal not met.

What do real people talk about, anyway? I can't exactly explain that I'm writing dirty Pokemon fanfiction.
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Day 2: 550 words between 1 and 2 AM this morning, 775 words this evening, along with some minor tweaks and such that I didn't count closely. 1325 total, which more than made my goal.

In which our hero angsts, learns by eavesdropping that he's lousy in the sack, angsts, gets told off for talking to N again and accused of preying on N's seeming mental instability, angsts, and catches a Pidove.
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Set myself a lower goal this year for NaNoWriMo since I'm kind of sort of doing job training and trying to get my first couple of sales this November and maybe looking for a seasonal job. All the same, I feel like writing every night will help me cool down after stressing over work and let me feel like I've accomplished something.

Goal is 1,000 words per day. I'm revising/rewriting a plot-with-porn Pokemon (Nuzlocke Challenge Pokemon Black) fanfic of mine that is probably never going to see the light of day.

Day 1: 600 words, goal not met but I did break some of my writer's block for the Nacerene City encounter with N, so I'm willing to call it good enough.


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