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Day 4: 1300 words. Goal met with room to spare.

In which our hero catches a Venipede. Awkwardly. And has a mildly angsty chat with Cheren. And I chicken out of a sex scene (what's the point of writing dirty fanfiction if I'm just going to chicken out of the sex scenes?!). And I've started a little on the next but I know where that's going so it's a decent stopping point for tonight.

- - -

The guy who asked me out last night... I probably overreacted. So I'm going to contact him a few times over the coming weeks to be polite and friendly and let him know that I'm not really looking for romance but I appreciated the conversation.

In the meantime, I'm going to look for a D&D group to join because I really need IRL friends before my faith in humanity atrophies and I turn into Cyrus and try to destroy the universe because people scare me.
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Day 3: 850 words and then a guy at the coffee bar asked me about myself and I freaked the fuck out and could not write any more. Goal not met.

What do real people talk about, anyway? I can't exactly explain that I'm writing dirty Pokemon fanfiction.
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So I was going to talk to the Arts/Tech profs about my career options and I walked into a grad student looking for artists for an indie project he hopes to launch his own company with.

I'm not getting paid unless said project is finished and turns a profit, but it's a job, sort of. If he does launch his company, I'll have my foot in the door. If not, at the very least I'll have something for my portfolio and a reference on my resume.

Fingers crossed and pen on the tablet!
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I have been up since 8:30 AM bouncing off the walls. I did not go to bed until 3 AM last night, so I'm kind of wondering what devil I unwittingly bargained with for all of this energy.

Thus far today, I have:
- Applied for jobs
- Searched for summer housing
- Hung out in the student union until I was bored
- Walked around campus twice
- Walked around local businesses hassling for job openings
- Archive binge on Black Adventures
- Wrote a (locked) LiveJournal essay about how Ghetsis is the single most evil character in all of Pokemon canon or fandom-- he abuses his son, kicks dog-types, and has terrible fashion sense-- and I'd still ride that like I stole it
- Went to the library and hassled about volunteer hours
- Did some work on a GLINDA update for the first time in weeks
- Decided the next GLINDA update wasn't going to work unless I retconned in the Veilstone City part of the story that got skipped first, because a lot of the plot I was hoping to work on is set up there and I really need a break from all the talking heads to draw some damn Pokemon
- Did some sketchwork for the recovery of the Veilstone City arc
- Got on Platinum and level-ground Boudicca from her low twenties to her low thirties.
- Made a fancy dinner

Aaaaand I'm waiting until after 8 PM to call Mom and wish her Happy Mother's Day because Dad probably took her out for dinner or something.

I am sorta starting to understand how party!Elliot feels in this scene
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I'm a bit alarmed that Mom says me breaking the car is only the second-worst thing to happen this week.

I'm a bit more alarmed that she absolutely refuses to tell me what my brother did that was worse.
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So for Spring Break this year I couldn't go back to Houston because the family was out of town to visit colleges with my brother.

Instead, I decided to clean my room, reorganize the furniture, and get a wardrobe makeover.

While I was pushing furniture around, I found that my bed's mattress was... well, it was five and a half years old. It was getting old and sagging under its own weight. So I got a new bed.

Then on Wednesday since my room was clean, I went to the museum. Dallas's Museum of Science is pretty meh, but I enjoyed the shark exhibit. I thought about going to the IMAX movies, and those probably would have been a better waste of my money TBH because they had two "prehistoric creatures" flicks and one about sharks. I totally didn't realize it was "Pi Day" until the schoolchildren descended upon the place.

On the way home (I took the train for grins), a total stranger tried to chat me up and then gave me his number, which is what inspired me to redo my wardrobe because I was wearing my Chuck Norris shirt and who the heck hits on a girl in a Chuck Norris shirt? (NOTE: Google Chrome's spellchecker does not object to Chuck Norris.)

So I took a bunch of online "what is your body type/ideal style" quizzes, figured out what the hell I'm supposed to be wearing for my figure, donated a bunch of stuff I don't wear anyway to Goodwill, and went shopping. I got some long tops, a skirt, and some skinny pants at Half Of Half, and some short dresses, canvas sneakers in black and white, belt (one of my dresses has a low waist and the seam going across my butt looks kind of bad), purse, and makeup bags at Ross. Maybe this weekend between cramming essays I can sort out my jewelry collection and start coordinating accessories.

Anyway, now I am wearing a short dress, skinny pants and sneakers, I have probably spent more staying here than I would have if I'd gone to Houston for Spring Break (admittedly mostly on the new bed), and I feel like my spirit Pokemon is a little closer to evolving. Now if only I could get the next GLINDA update to not suck and get my homework done and get someone to take my picture so I could show you guys...
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I am aware that I do not need to be having a breakdown, and that having a breakdown won't help anything.

This does not mean that I can stop myself having a breakdown.
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I'm sorry to everyone in Luceti, I'm going to have to back out on Yamame, too. I've bit off more than I can chew as it is as far as schoolwork, job hunt, and my existing fandom obligations are concerned, so I just don't have the time for RPing.

And Maya's still not working on my comp, so I need to use the campus computers for my homework for 3d Modeling, and I hate the campus computers. FML.


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